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Anno 1800 – Super Hardcore Influence Farm – T…

, The Player Game

Hey whats up everybody! This is my second video about Influence City Farm and this time we gonna make SUPER HARDCORE version of Influence City Farm where we will not care about our Citizens about they needs and other stuff we just gonna treat them as a farm 😀 that we gonna use to get +282 Influence from them 🙂

What more I’ve made Super Hardcore Influence farm City Layout and I will share this layout with you (I will leave a link to anno fandom where all layouts are stored) so you can download it and have it ! 🙂

In the top right corner there gonna be info how much goods you need for this farm (it is updating while i am playing so at the end of the video when all numbers are green that is the identification that those are the final numbers)

Total number of materials needed to upgrade houses (in tons)
Timber: 2,820t
Bricks: 846t
Steel Beams: 752t
Windows: 470t
Reinforced Concrete: 282t

I hope that this will be helpful for you and also useful in your own playthrough ! 🙂

Stay safe and healthy! and one more time THANKS A LOT! for subscribing and styaing with me! 🙂 :* :*

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