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7 Tips To Get Blueprints Fast In Asphalt 9 Legends(Hindi)

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This video is about how to get car blueprints fast from Asphalt 9 Legends. I have Covered 7 Points Which Includes-

1) Playing Daily Events, Special Events And Career- This is a very basic tip yet important for all players especially for noobs who are on their way to become a pro/legend in this game. Play all mentioned events and max the featured cars to level up add cars in your garage but the sad part is almost all cars are useless unless you get some epic cards here and there. But se gives you bps of one featured car which u need

2) Buying Bps from legend store- Buy blueprints of cars from ls when appears in credits(not tokens) and check store in every time gap to see if any car/s availiable which you need. You can purchase max 5 each time.

3) Playing Multiplayer Events- Playing and finishing multiplayer events gives you many worthy bps and also you get by reaching in higher leagues or top leaderboard.

4)Club milestones- Club milestones helps a lot to add bps in your garage. A simple tip for those who don’t hit big numbers in reps is create or join a club where players play mp races a lot and push up and come down in leagues to create big figures of reps.

5)Car hunt Events- This helps a lot to give you blueprints to know more how to play properly check this out-

6)Playiing Grand or Elite Prix- Playing and finishing practice rewards gives you worthy bps.

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7) Investing on burst of speed pack events- In this event drop rate of packs become whole lot better and in multi packs you get very good cars. So you should dump tokens in these packs mostly because throughout the whole year we dont get good or premium cars in multi packs and also bad drops.

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