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How To Level Up Fast In Asphalt 9| Advance Tips(hindi).

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This video is about how to level up fast in Asphalt 9 Legends. I have Covered 4-5 points which includes-

1) Unlocking & starring up cars- This is the basic and ultimate way to level up in asphalt 9 legends. In the next points i’m gonna cover some important tips that will help to boost this process.

2) Collecting more blueprints- Collecting blueprints of all cars is the best way to level up fast in this game, if you are free to play then you should definitely grind for all cars.

3) Fully upgrade high ranked cars- Upgrading fully all the cars in your garage helps a lot in levelling up in no time. So do not leave your cars without upgrading them.

4) Spend tokens on fast cars- Spending tokens on fast or high ranked cars gives you more garage points besides unlocking them. So dump majority of your tokens in events like burst of speed and other multi pack events where the drop rate is pretty good.

5) Play more- The more you play, the more you earn in terms of rewards and progress. So give a little extra time. This will definitely help you in your progress.

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