5 Unspoken Stage Builder tricks in Super Smas…

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Make a stage go faster than the Big Blue and more with these 5 Unspoken stage builder tricks in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.
Stage ID:
Infinite terrain: M3NRKQ9C
Sweep minigame: 4YGGQWJY
Mini battlefield: DT4GCFVK
Super slow stage: LB3GRSYC

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0:00 Intro animation
0:10 No.1 transition
0:18 First trick
2:21 No.2 transition
2:30 Second trick
3:08 No.3 transition
3:21 Third trick
3:46 No.4 transition
4:02 Fourth trick
4:18 No.5 transition
4:31 Fifth trick
5:11 Ending animation

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