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Battlefield 5 sniper montage with the best snipers, the Krag Jorgensen and the Kar98k, my two favourite sniper rifles in the game. The gameplay is short clips from few maps which are well suited for longer range sniping.
Those two snipers have the fastest bullet velocity in the game which makes them the best sniper rifles for longer ranges.

Bf 5 sniper montage Battlefield 5 Krag Jorgensen vs Kar98k
Battlefield 5 sniping Battlefield 5 sniper gameplay Battlefield 5 sniper
Battlefield sniping Battlefield sniper gameplay Battlefield sniper
Sniper gameplay in Battlefield 5 Battlefield v Recon class Battlefield recon
Battlefield 5 recon sniper Battlefield v kar98k battlefield v kar98k Battlefield V kar98k
Battlefield 5 Krag Jorgensen sniper rifle Battlefield v Krag Jorgensen Battlefield Krag Jorgensen
Battlefield 5 recon sniping battlefield 5 recon sniping Battlefield 5 recon
Battlefield 5 sniping montage Battlefield V sniping Battlefield v sniper
Battlefield V Battlefield v sniper rifles Battlefield v sniping Battlefield V sniping montage
Battlefield v Snipers Battlefield V sniper gameplay Battlefield V sniping gameplay
Battlefield V sniper rifles gameplay Battlefield v snipes Battlefield V best sniper
Battlefield 5 sniper gameplay from several maps.

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