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Today we relax with some gameplay streaks using underrated BF5 weapons!
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Weapons Used (Class):
00:00 EMP (Medic)
00:42 Welgun (Medic)
01:06 Type 97 MG (Support)
01:33 Trench Carbine (Recon)
02:04 Bren Gun (Support)
02:41 Trench Carbine (Recon)
03:09 Type 11 MG (Support)
03:22 MAB 38 (Medic)
03:38 Trench Carbine (Recon) (HC Mode)
04:01 Type 97 MG (Support)
04:23 Chauchat (Support)
04:46 Ribeyrolles 1918 (Assault)
04:58 MAB 38 (Medic)

Watch in 4K! June 2021 killstreak clips collection, where I focused on trying off-meta, underrated or underpowered guns. Trying to improve versatility and caution in approaching situations.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have for further content! Can’t wait for Battlefield 2042!

Song Used: Walk (Phaeleh Remix), by Ludovico Einaudi

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