You have to play these weapons in Battlefield... Battlefield

You have to play these weapons in Battlefield…

Season 4 for Battlefield 2042 introduced the AC-9, the RPT31, the Super 500 and the RM68, among others. In this guide we look at what the best weapons are now and will be in 2023, which attachments are best to use and how best to play them. Best Settings in Season 4: Chapter: 0:00 Battlefield 2042 Season 4 Best Weapons / Guide 0:27 BF2042 AC9 Guide & Attachments / Attachments 2:11 BF2042 RPT-31 Guide & Attachments Attachments 4:05 BF2042 Super 500 Guide & Attachments Attachments 5:43 BF 2042 RM68 Guide & Attachments Reviews Twitch Channel: Twitter: Discord: Music: My Hardware: *Logitech G Pro X Superlight: *HyperX Alloy FPS: *Beyerdynamic DT 880: *JDS Atom Amp: *Zowie XL2411p: *Steelseries QCK Heavy XXL: *Shure SM7b: *RODE PSA-1: *Go XLR Mini: *Elgato Streamdeck: *Elgato Keylight Air: PC and a few other things can be found at Twitch *All links with a

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