House of Idols Guide All Mechs SIN POV - Blad... Blade & Soul

House of Idols Guide All Mechs SIN POV – Blad…

General Introduction: 0:00
Double Safe Zone Role: 0:34
Doll Role and Full Rotation: 2:46
Saver Role: 6:55

-I did the double bait in normal mode. If you are double baiting in normal mode I highly recommend not walking but using dashes to go wherever you need to go because it is quicker.

-You can check the mini boss guide here:



PC Specs:
-Intel core i7 9700
-Amd rx580
-32 gb RAM-3000 mhz
-Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 3500MB/1200MBs NVMe 480gb

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