Lost Ark PvE Tier List Blade & Soul

Lost Ark PvE Tier List

Lost Ark is releasing in a few days! In this video we are creating a PvE tier list. I will be basing this list on a few criteria. How easy the class is to play, what a class brings to the party in higher level raids and their overall damage and kit. This list is purely meant for PvE as for PvP classes can perform a lot differently. Also do keep in mind that any class can outperform the other if simply just played better. All classes can be viable so play what you like!

Intro: 0:00
Sorceress: 0:55
Bard: 2:11
Berserker: 2:21
Gunlancer: 3:26
Paladin: 4:20
Shadowhunter: 4:35
Deathblade: 5:12
Wardancer: 5:50
Scrapper: 6:09
Striker: 6:26
Soul Fist: 6:58
Gunslinger: 7:36
Deatheye: 8:12
Artillerist: 8:43
9:20 sharpshooter

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All classes lost ark:

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