☆ How To Get Robux WITHOUT Buying It (Roblox)

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☆ hey everyone, in this video i show various ways to get robux on roblox without paying money for it! but remember to be careful of scams & don’t click on links from random people. hopefully this video is helpful to some of you. thank you for watching!

☆ information on premium payouts:


☆ timestamps:
୨୧ 0:00​ intro
୨୧ 0:43 ways to get robux
୨୧ 9:51 things you shouldn’t do
୨୧ 10:40 outro


୨୧ support me:
☆ use my code “Flxral” when buying robux or premium to support me!
☆ my roblox ugc items:


☆ social media:
୨୧ roblox: xoflxral

as of right now i do not have any social media!
my roblox profile is linked above


୨୧ credits:
☆ music in this video provided by epidemic sound
☆ songs used:
୨୧ Materia by ocean_jams
୨୧ Nebulas by ocean_jams
☆ intro made by kachunkie:


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