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Hey everyone, today we’re going to be ranking every killer from least to most loyal to the Entity. As always, be sure to drop your own thoughts on this, down below, I’d be interested to hear if you’d rank these characters differently. We have five tiers for this. Incredibly disloyal, quite disloyal, indifferent, or neutral, quite loyal, and incredibly loyal. Let’s get into it.

Chapter 21.5 has been revealed and is named Hour of the Witch, featuring new survivor Mikaela Reid. Mikaela is bringing a new type of survivor perk named Boon perks, that can bless dull totems, turning them into Boon totems.

Music used from YouTube Audio Library:
The Emperor’s Army – Jeremy Blake
Clean and Dance – An Jone

Hope you enjoy!
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Dead by Daylight Wiki (very helpful and a ton of cool stuff and secrets on there):

Intro 0:00
Incredibly disloyal 0:20
Quite disloyal 1:27
Indifferent, or neutral 2:43
Quite loyal 6:27
Incredibly loyal 10:11
Outro 12:44

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