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How to Get More FPS on PS4 by following the steps in this ULTIMATE PS4 FPS boost guide showing you how to get better FPS on PS4 original, PS4 Pro & PS4 Slim! Improve PS4 FPS with these easy 2021 tips!

My name is Octorious and I’m gonna show you 16+ proven tips to show you how to get more FPS on PlayStation 4 in 2021! These tips will demonstrate different ways to get a PS4 performance boost, stop PS4 FPS drops, and even show you how to increase PS4 FPS. If you want to know how to get higher FPS on PS4 then make sure to use all of these PS4 FPS boost tricks and watch all the way through this guide on how to get better frames on PS4. These tips will work on the original PS4 as well as the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim! This video will also showcase ways on how to get more than 60fps on PS4 for games like Fortnite where the frame rate is uncapped. So if you want to know how to get more FPS on Fortnite PS4 as well as every other game, make sure to watch through all of the video. I hope this video successfully gives you a PS4 performance boost and shows you how to improve FPS on PS4!



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0:00 Tip 1
0:45 Tip 2
1:20 Tip 3
1:53 Tip 4
2:19 Tip 5
2:45 Tip 6
3:21 Tip 7
3:55 Tip 8
4:22 Tip 9
4:46 Tip 10
5:06 Tip 11
5:23 Tip 12
6:01 Bonus PS4 FPS Boost Tips
6:12 Bonus Tip 1
6:34 Bonus Tip 2
6:57 Bonus Tip 3
7:16 Bonus Tip 4
7:34 Bonus Tip 5

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