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Learn everything about units of the Global Risk faction in the upcoming Crossfire: Legion RTS by developers of Homeworld. I showcase land, air and support units, their abilities and combat stats like: HP, damage, speed, cost, upgrades. These are the land combat vehicles: Phalanx (Hull-Down) and Cavalier(Mines & Scout vision), support unit Herald(EMP Burst & Sonic shield), infantry units Trooper(Combat boost) and Rocket Trooper(Rocket fuel) as well as air units:
Morningstar(Defense Matrix & Barrage) and Javelin(Aramid Hull).

🔍Black List units showcase:
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👓Previews and First look videos:

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0:00 Showcase
0:26 Morningstar – Defense Matrix & Barrage
1:56 Cavalier – Mines & Scout vision
3:00 Trooper – Combat boost
3:59 Rocket Trooper – Rocket fuel
5:04 Herald – EMP Burst & Sonic shield
6:29 Javelin – Aramid Hull
7:14 Phalanx – Hull-Down
8:31 Units In action

Crossfire: Legion is a real time strategy game featuring tactical action in furious battles across a shattered version of the near future. Raise and customize your army to engage in intense online combat and carve your own path as you rise through the ranks. It’s a new generation of warfare.

Crossfire: Legion is being developed by RTS legends Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and Homeworld 3) and published by Prime Matter (Iron Harvest) with Smilegate Entertainment (Crossfire).

In Crossfire: Legion, you’ll raise and customize your army as you prove your command abilities during intense multiplayer combat, A.I. skirmishes and our globally-scoped single-player campaign. Whatever your preferred playstyle, Crossfire: Legion will have something for you as you take on this ultimate fast-paced real time strategy game.

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Prepare yourself and ascend the multi-player leader boards. Improve your tactics by reviewing your last battles using the built-in replay system. Your input will drive multiplayer as we hone the game with you by responding to your feedback and incorporating your balance suggestions.

Team-up with friends to vanquish the A.I. in Operations. Work together to ready your assault on enemy positions or defend your own. You’ll be in full control over the composition of your army. Choose between the three factions and customize your unit roster so that you can guarantee victory.

Create and share your own maps and modes using the level editor tool, or expand your RTS experience by browsing the Steam Workshop to find unique community-made challenges. You will be heavily involved in shaping the future of Crossfire: Legion and we cannot wait to see what strategies you’ll devise and maps you’ll create.

This will be added during Early-Access campaign later this year.

Intense Game Play:

The core gameplay elements of Crossfire: Legion are army composition, strategy, teamplay and control. Master these and you will dominate.
Army Composition: Firstly, decide which faction you will choose, then what units you will bring into the match. Which commander will you play as and then consider how all these work together to suit the play style you prefer.
Strategy: Your army composition and Commander will inform what strategies you can execute due to their specialties and the unique abilities of your Commander. Timing and judgement will be your key skills here.
Teamplay: How will you then coordinate your strategy with your team? You’ll need to think carefully about how your units will interact with other units from other factions in order to overcome your common foe.
Control: Efficiency is key, players must control their individual unit on a micro level to get the best out of them. Engaging enemy units by utilizing the most effective maneuver and smart decision making is paramount.

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