3 God Tier Edgerunner Builds in Cyberpunk 207…

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Here are three Cyberpunk Edgerunners builds that are absolutely broken in Cyberpunk 2077 via the 1.6 Edgerunner update giving us the best builds possible at the moment starring the David Martinez build, Lucy’s insane monowire/netrunner build as well as Rebecca.
We go over tips, character creation sliders, attributes, perks, and skills, best weapons and the best cyberwear for each build including David’s Sandevistan (the best sandevistan in the game) and his jacket, Lucy’s legendary monowire location, and Rebeccas weapons which will include her Guts shotgun and how to get it, being one of the best shotgun weapons in the game, all stemming from the anime.

00:00-06:47 David Martinez Build
06:47-12:58 Lucy Build
12:58-15:12 Rebecca Build

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