Cyberpunk 2077 – PS5 – v1.61 – Duplicate Weap…

, The Player Game

(DON’T USE FOR EPIC ART POSTER – That Item Breaks – A Poster worth $0 Floats Forever! Maybe…) This Video that I have here is a Modified Version of the Duplication Glitch done by @HKGaming For their “Keep Skippy and Returning it” Video. I Altered How to Press the Buttons From @HKGaming ‘s Original Video from 2 Years Ago (They made it originally “ONLY for Skippy Duplication”), And then I Used the Quick Save Feature, I hope this helps Everybody, and as always, Have Fun Playing Games! ✌️😎🎮👍

@HKGaming Original Video Link :
@HKGaming Channel Link :
​Original Idea by @HKGaming852 Modified by @Dream-Wizard

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