DOTA 2 Retrospective - A Video Love Letter to... Dota 2

DOTA 2 Retrospective – A Video Love Letter to…

I’ve got a complicated relationship with Dota 2…

What better way to come to terms with it then penning a video essay love letter to the multiplayer game that I hate above all else. It’s a combo review / retrospective / rant / video confessional about how exactly it’s possible to love a game with all your heart and utterly hate it at the same time.

So strap yourself in for a tale of soaring highs and crushing lows in the world of multiplayer online battle arenas.

(Also footage was captured on a friends account so good luck tracking me down you cheeky devils)

Chapters –
00:00 – Love at first fight
02:16 – How exactly do you get into Dota 2?
06:33 – Good god, it is punishing
08:32 – The TOXICITY
12:08 – Absurd complexity
18:13 – Oh, it’s actually extremely fun
21:40 – Dota 2 gave me depression
24:55 – An Ode to E-Sports
32:50 – Goodbyeeeee

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Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented – @MicahTheBrave

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