A Surprising Release Hits The Nintendo Switch…

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Yesterday a big release hit the Switch eShop out of nowhere giving everyone a chance to try out Nintendo’s next big release. Elden Ring has been reviewed highly since it released a week ago, but now it looks like sales numbers are coming in showing a massive opening week for the Souls franchise.

Video Games on sale:

Gran Turismo 7:
Triangle Strategy:
Elden Ring:
Horizon Forbidden West:
Cyberpunk 2077:
Kirby And The Forgotten Lands:
Dying Light 2:
Pokemon Legends Arceus:
Skyrim Anniversary:
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond:
Mario Party Superstars:

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00:00 – Start

00:35 – Triangle Strategy Reviews Go Live

2:03 – New Game Modes Possibly Found In Switch Sports

3:11 – Housemarque Starting Development Of A New IP

4:25 – Kirby Demo Drops On eShop

8:23 – Massive Elden Ring Sales Revealed

12:38 – Babylon’s Fall Flops Immediately

14:45 – Metal Gear Solid Games Still Delisted

17:00 – Poll

17:57 – Comment Of The Day

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