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Elden Ring Bosses: An Unbalanced Disappointme…

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Before ranking the best and worst Elden Ring bosses, let’s discuss the Elden Ring boss quality as a whole. While the best Elden Ring bosses tread close to greatness, the mediocre and worst of Elden Rings bosses feel more prominent than ever before. In this video, I’d like to discuss why with you. Stay tuned for my own quality rankings very soon, leading into community rankings for the Elden Ring Boss difficulty and quality.

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Malenia Goddess of Rot – Elden Ring
Nameless King – Dark Souls 3
Alleycat – Persona 5
Days of Sisters – Persona 5
Copied City (Sequential Mix)v2 – Nier Automata
2b Alien Manifestation Instrumental – Nier Automata
Tokyo – Shine Megami Tensei IV
Visitor – Bravely Default
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