Elden Ring Full Walkthrough (100%) - Part 1 |... Elden Ring

Elden Ring Full Walkthrough (100%) – Part 1 |…

Elden Ring Full Walkthrough part 1. During all gameplay before going somewhere, I’ll mark on the map where I’m going so you can follow along!

In this first part, we are going to explore the map and we are going to visit some Sites of Graces.

[00:00] Choosing a Character Base
[02:11] Site of Grace (Church of Elleh)
[04:03] Collecting Map: Limgrave (West)
[05:57] Talk to Melina and Accept (Unlock Horse)
[06:46] Talk to Renna (Unlock Summons Spirit)
[07:56] Collecting Golden Seed
[08:35] Talk to Roderika (exhaust dialogues)
[10:04] Exploring Liurnia of the Lakes
[12:00] Talk to Melina Again (Unlock Roundtable Hold)
[12:42] Talk to Fia and let her Hold you
[13:56] Collecting Sacred Tear
[15:19] Collecting Map: Liurnia (East)
[17:08] Collecting Map: Liurnia (North)
[18:55] Collecting Map: Liurnia (West)
[24:10] New Merchant (Buy Somber Stones 1-4)
[25:06] Collecting Golden Seed
[26:00] Collecting Academy Glintstone Key
[28:02] Collecting Golden Seed
[31:46] Site of Grace (Ravine-Veiled Village)
[32:11] Portal to Academy Entrance
[35:47] Collecting Golden Seed
[36:10] Collecting Carian Set

• Roundtable Hold – Arrived at Roundtable Hold

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