Elden Ring Is a Masterpiece — my thoughts aft…

, The Player Game

My review/impressions of Elden Ring after over 60 hours with the game. It’s good.

huge thanks to Max58 for the art in the thumbnail:

0:00 Intro
1:41 Dark Souls DNA
2:20 The World & Environments
3:27 World Density
4:35 What’s the side content like?
5:28 Structure of the game & secrets
6:42 Main Levels/Legacy Dungeons
7:37 No hub area?
8:01 Passion
8:29 Combat
10:08 Horseback Combat & Magic
10:42 Build Customization
11:08 Other new mechanics
12:18 Difficulty
13:54 New Players
14:29 PC Performance Issue
14:57 Advice to have fun
16:15 Closing Thoughts

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