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Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight & Location.

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Location: Caelid – Redmane Castle – from Impassible Greatbridge use the teleporter to get into the castle, talk to the huntsmaster in the north of the castle on the wall, go through the church and down the elevator and use the teleporter to reach boss area

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Strategy: The second Shardbearer in the game. A huge enemy rider who you fight in a vast desert. Use the teleporter at Impassible Greatbridge, then in Redmane Castle you will meet other fighters who came for the Festival of War to Caelid in order to fight Radahn to obtain the Great Rune. After the announcement in the courtyard, talk to the guy who was shouting on top of the archway and tell him you are ready. Afterward head through the church, down the elevator and use the teleporter to enter the arena. Once the fight starts you will see Radahn in the distance with a greatbow firing arrows at you. You have to try to approach him while dodging the arrows last moment. If you try to dodge them early they will simply track your movement. All around the arena you will see summon signs to call the other fighters to help you out in the fight so take advantage of it since you really don’t want his full attention all the time. Keep rolling forward a few times and now he will start using a barrage of arrows from the sky. Now you can call your mount to approach him. Once you are close enough he will switch from bow to his double swords and the real fight begins. Use your mount to circle around him from a safe distance while shooting spells at him and have your summoned minions distract and damage him as well. Don’t let him hit you off the mount with his sword attacks since he will follow up with 2 more hits while you are stunned on the ground and that means instant death. If your mount dies you can use a health flask to respawn it. His move set includes melee attacks at first but after draining quarter of his health he will infuse his attacks with gravity. He can pull you in with an AoE explosion, shooting tracking balls at you and shooting a wave of sharp blades at you. For the balls just keep riding at full speed to the site, for the blades (wave of purple energy) use the double jump. At half health he will disappear and after a short time drop from the sky with a massive explosion which will probably kill some of your minions and deal massive damage to you if you happen to stand where it lands, just keep riding away and you should be safe. You can, however, keep summoning minions as long as there are summon signs on the ground. Make sure to keep resummoning them.
The fight continues in the same with the addition of him being more aggressive and using a few more attacks: he can now cast purple rocks circling around him that will fly towards you or the minions at a random time, as well as an attack where he leaps into the air does 2 strong attacks while spinning at you. The 4 floating purple rocks are most dangerous, getting hit by 2 will instant kill you. It’s safe to attack him for another 30 seconds, then you should back off, ride to the other end of the map and let your minion take the heat – Radahn will most likely shoot the rocks at them if they are engaged in combat with him and you are too far away. If he shoots them at you, ride sideways and dodge + double-jump on your mount, only works if you are far enough away, if you’re close they will home in on you too quick and hit you anyway.
It is surely a test of patience and endurance and also a bit of luck since getting hit with his melee combo off the mount can kill your attempt immediately and there is not much you can do about it.

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Reward: Remembrance of the Starscourge, Radahn’s Great Rune, 70000 Runes


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