Elden Ring – Top 7 BEST Weapons in Patch 1.04…

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Many weapons got even better in patch 1.04 and some are still top tier even after nerfs or buffs! In Elden Ring there is a lot of weapons you build so we have put a list together of the best weapons to make your build in elden ring!

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Faith build –

Bleed build –

All katanas –

00:00 The INFO!
00:46 Ruins Greatsword
02:50 Fallingstar Beast jaw
03:44 Blasphemous Blade
05:30 Wing of Astel
07:02 Black Knife
08:42 Rivers of Blood
09:58 Moonveil Katana
11:17 Bloodhound’s Fang
11:28 Greatsword
11:41 Dark Moon Greatsword
12:04 Godslayers Greatsword

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