I played Elden Ring for 30 hours… my though…

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Elden Ring is good. Bandai Namco invited me to play the Elden Ring network test a few days early, so I took full advantage of the opportunity. Here are my thoughts after playing for way too long.


0:00 intro
1:29 tutorial cave/new mechanics
3:27 outside/horse boss
5:11 ash of war & weapon arts
6:10 crafting
6:56 leveling & stats
7:54 exploring/stealth/sleep arrows
8:53 horse gameplay
10:29 open world design
12:21 power stance
12:55 more combat mechanics
14:07 magic
15:20 “hey, that’s pretty neat”
16:26 other new mechanics
17:04 main path & main boss
17:57 online basics/changes
19:22 co-op
20:21 new invasion mechanics
21:28 summoning pools
21:47 pvp meta discussion
24:18 closing thoughts

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