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I *very* strongly recommend: Elden Ring (Revi…

, The Player Game

Update on PC performance: either the day one patch has done something terrible or optimisation is just poor across the board. As I said, my experience was flawless except for the minor issues I discussed in the review, but frame loss and stuttering is so wide spread an issue for people on PC that the game currently sits at ‘Mixed’ on Steam. If you are planning to pick it up on PC, you may want to hold off until some performance patches roll through.

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Elden Ring is a work of such breathtaking immensity that it dwarfs any other comparable experience. Unfathomably large and fathoms deep; Elden Ring is a double-album level offering from FromSoft at the absolute peak of their creative power.

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00:00 Spoiler discussion
00:45 Intro
07:11 Performance, Stability and Bugs
11:50 The Lands Between
18:59 Dungeons
23:29 Combat and RPG
31:36 Conclusion

Edited by Austin @ausomehd

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