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I’ve never played a Dark Souls game, but here I am, reviewing Elden Ring. At least I’m not four years late like I was with Breath of the Wild!
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Fight Against a Stronger Monster – Super Mario RPG
Main Theme – GTA III
Main Theme – Elden Ring
Great Grey Wolf Sif – Dark Souls
In Broad Daylight – Chibi-Robo
During the Exams – Persona 3
Splashing Around – The Green Orbs
SUPER-REFLEX – Megalomachia2
Sky Dance – Pyre
Mad Space – Sonic Adventure 2
Cocoa Cave – Kirby Super Star
Sound Test – Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
Aeolic Guardian – Musashiden 2
Ancient Dragon Lansseax – Elden Ring
Game Over – Super Mario World
The Realm Within – Genshin Impact
Can You Really Call This A Hotel – Undertale
Piranha Plant’s Lullaby – Super Mario 64
Inazuma – Genshin Impact
You’ve Got Me – VA-11 HALL-A
Meteor Herd – Sonic Adventure 2


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