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Lore of the Main Bosses in Elden Ring

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Ah! I am back after like a month so here’s a lore video discussing the main Elden Ring bosses, enjoy!

I finally bought Adobe Premiere so videos from now on out should look much cleaner!

Thank you to the creators of the Elden Ring Cheat Engine, it has been a great help for making videos!

00:00 – One Big Family
00:16 – Elden Beat
00:48 – Radagon
02:23 – Godfrey
03:49 – Fire Giant
04:47 – Rennala
05:40 – Radahn
06:54 – Astel Natural Born of the Void
07:39 – Rykard
10:00 – Malenia
11:47 – Morgott/Margit
12:39 – Mohg
13:32 – Godrick
14:41 – Maliketh
15:32 – Lichdragon Fortissax
16:31 – Dragon Lord
16:55 – Ancestor Spirit

These take you to social medias I don’t have, I just like the look of a full description.

YouTube video

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