What Is The Elden Ring? - Story Explained Elden Ring

What Is The Elden Ring? – Story Explained

Elden Ring contains story and lore as dense as its gameplay. Here’s a beginner’s guide (for the first dozen hours or so) to the setting of the Lands Between, what exactly a Tarnished is, and why all those jerks keep calling you maidenless after the Shattering of the Elden Ring.

Between Godrick the Golden, the Golden Order, the Greater Will, and sites of grace, there are a lot of terms, characters, and ideas in Elden Ring that can be difficult to keep straight in your head. Melina, Marika, Godfrey and Godwyn all have their parts to play, so we’re here to help. Keep in mind this isn’t exhaustive, but kind of a table setting for the world of Elden Ring, so there’s plenty more to discover for yourself! But here’s a bit of the story and lore explained for Elden Ring.

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