Puzzle of the 4 stones at Tatarasuna Beach, for... Genshin Impact

Puzzle of the 4 stones at Tatarasuna Beach, for…

hey guys?in today’s video I’ll be teaching you how to solve the 4 stones (cubes) puzzle on the island / beach in tatarasuna on the map of Inazuma no genshim impact and break the electro barrier after getting the Seelies from Electro puzzle das pedra 4 electro on the island (beach) of tatarasuna in inazuma genshim impact hope you enjoyed it! don’t forget to subscribe to win 1 mora ^^ SUBSCRIBE: background ALISON : this video can be found by the following searches: genshin impact tips genshin impact beginners guide genshin 4 stones electro puzzle tatarasuna electro stones tatarasuna genshin impact genshin impact 4 puzzle island genshin impact cube inazuma puzzle 4 stones on the beach puzzle electro artifacts inazuma genshin genshin Kannazuki Island Barrier puzzle Puzzle Cube #tatara #puzzle #genshinimpact

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