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In this video, I will show you all the new cosmetics you can find in Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island DLC while exploring the world and completing different activities. There are timestamps in the description of the video in case you want to see a specific item.
0:00 Petals’ Caress
0:53 Headband of Acceptance
2:01 Raider Helmet
3:17 Immortal Hope Sword Kit
4:07 Raider Captain’s Headband
4:49 Mashira’s Bite Sword Kit
5:13 Nature’s Rythm Headband
5:50 Tempest’s End Sword Kit
6:31 Headband of Regret
7:19 Flight of the Dragon Headband
8:07 Nekoma’s Fang Sword Kit
8:57 Mask of the Eagle
9:09 Eye of the Explorer Headband
9:50 Helm of the Lower World
11:27 Raider Jingasa Hat
12:19 Rippling Grace Headband
13:14 Prowling Tiger
14:20 The Eagle’s Chosen Dye
15:16 Demonic Archer’s Mask
16:11 Yamaneko’s Eyepatch
16:59 Nekoma’s Scowl
17:50 Sugi’s Kasa Hat
18:46 Unburdened Heart Dye
19:20 Yharnam Helm Hat
19:59 Armor and Mask of the Colossus
20:45 God of War Armor Set

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PS5 Gameplay for the Iki Island DLC on Ghost of Tsushima, the first paid story expansion for the PlayStation exclusive by Sucker Punch Productions#GhostofTsushima #IkiIsland

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