Make your PS5 Look 10X Better! (Contrast) Ghost Of Tsushima

Make your PS5 Look 10X Better! (Contrast)

Hi, in this video I show you how to fix PS5 contrast washed out or either how to get the best contrast on PS5 for detailed shadows and highlights.

How to get High Quality Screenshots on PS5?

Download Sample pictures from:

In telegram, search for #SampleContrast

Time Stamps:
00:00 What is contrast?
00:20 PS5 washed out contrast
00:27 PS5 contrast too high
00:40 PS5 Contrast samples
00:47 How to set up on PS5?
01:23 How to set up Black areas?
01:48 PS5 Contrast range settings
02:38 How to set up White areas?
03:12 For both HDR and SDR
03:19 Best High quality screenshot settings for PS5

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