Soul of Tsushima Idai Trial of the Gods Ridge Route, straight to the Kaori Tengu

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The level of “God’s Ridge” has also been rotated several times. Compared with the first time, I now have a new experience about the route. Ronin occupation, explosive bag, with flash bombs and black powder attributes, as well as smoke bombs that control the field and provide endurance, as well as the personal favorite soul kunai. Or the challenge of banning melee combat on the front right. The previous section is almost the same. When crossing the bridge, there is a very subtle position on the left side, which can jump directly to the edge of the opposite bank to achieve continuous jumping in the game. After qualifying for the challenge, if your teammates do not move around, then you must be surrounded by shadow soldiers behind you. Use the shock bomb to rush out, don’t fight (without melee, you are not qualified to fight); this time, go directly to the birth area of ​​​​Kōtengu. Due to the interference of the smoke bombs at the beginning, the Yatengu must be heading in the direction of other teammates. You use the shock bomb to open the way, and when you reach a suitable position, use the flash bomb to control it, and use the black powder bomb to output. This route looks very thrilling, and it is relatively safe if you master it. The only thing that will reduce the blood volume in the whole process is the long-range output of the Ravenous Tengu, and it can also be interrupted by flashbangs and kunai (super large). But the speed of accumulating determination is very fast. If it is a wild group, this time is enough to save your fallen teammates.Description of Tsushima War Ghost Idai’s Trial of the Gods Mountain Ridge

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