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Trek to Yomi Review – BEFORE YOU BUY

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Trek to Yomi – Review in detail on PS5 and PC. Trek to Yomi takes us back to Feudal Japan. Again. Some of the best games of recent years, Sekiro and Ghost of Tsushima, also took place during this turbulent time. The main question is, will Trek to Yomi be able to tell a unique enough story about a lonely samurai that would make this game stand out from its conditional competitors? In this video, we will not only answer this question, but also touch on the work of the great Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. The review will be relatively small, because there is, as it were, nothing to talk about for too long, to be honest, so we drove to figure it out. 0:00 Trek to Yomi review 0:35 Story and what the game is about 2:00 Gameplay in detail 9:17 Verdict and overall rating Patreon – Cart – Discord – Live channel – #TrektoYomireview, #TrektoYomi

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