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Trek to Yomi Review – The Honest Truth…

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Here is our Review of Trek to Yomi!

Trek to Yomi Review:
Trek to Yomi is like a fusion of Ghost of Tsushima and Inside. Imagine the story and action of Ghost of Tsushima, but in a dark 2D side-scrolling atmosphere similar to games like Inside or Limbo. On Paper that sounds like a must play indie, but the finished product is like eating a well decorated dessert and finding out it tastes like cardboard. Trek to Yomi is a gorgeous indie that forgot that game play matters. Lets break it down.
In trek to Yomi, You play as Hiroki, a samurai who goes on a quest for vengeance to avenge his fallen master.

Reviewed on Xbox Series S and X

Available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, Ps4 and Ps5

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Gameplay footage captured on a Xbox Series X.

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