$6.4 Billion 2022 Stock Market Guide for GTA ... Grand Theft Auto

$6.4 Billion 2022 Stock Market Guide for GTA …

We’re doing an update to our #GTA5 Story Mode investor’s guide; where you’ll learn how to make so much money, the game literally won’t be able to cope.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Audience
01:55 How to use the Stock Market
04:21 Jumping / Time Warping
05:03 Maximising Sell Price
06:15 Maximum Cash Capacity
06:50 Access Seed Funding
07:11 Money for Michael
07:36 Money for Franklin
08:12 Money for Trevor
10:06 WARNING!
10:33 Hotel Assassination
12:02 Vangelico
12:46 More Money for Trevor
13:17 Gruppe6
13:40 Finale (A, B or C)
14:07 Tinkle / Airport Random Event
14:36 Multi-Target Assassination
15:19 Vice Assassination
15:41 Bus Assassination
16:04 Construction Assassination

Off-Line Stock Guide: Coming Soon
Stock Without Lester:
Stock Market Bug :

These have been removed on PC (mostly), but are still available on console.

Community tips and untested rumours coming soon (including Molly / Legal Trouble)!

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“U In My Arms” by Jeremy Blake


So first things first; this guide applies if you’re working your way through GTA 5 Story Mode’s main quest line, and have not done the Lester Assassinations, using Franklin (the Jay Norris one carried out by Michael doesn’t count).

If you’ve already used Franklin to complete all of Lester’s Assassination missions, you’ve missed the boat on game-breaking money – but there’s still a good chance you can make enough money to buy just about everything, with this guide (show thumb for other investors’ guide); there’s a link in the description below.

So for this guide; I’m going to assume you’ve never used the in-game stock market before; and this is one of your first playthrough’s.

…and I don’t want to harp on it; but for clarity: Do not do the Lester Assassination missions without your seed funding and investments in place. That means you do not visit the L on the map with Franklin, when it becomes available.

Can’t stress it enough.

Also; don’t buy any of the business’s just yet, either. Steer away from vehicle mods, clothes and tat’s, too.

If you already know what you’re doing with the stock market, know how to quickly jump forward in time; and know the save scumming trick; you can jump ahead to the timestamp shown on screen – or use the shortcut in the description below.

Righteo; the Stock Market in GTA 5 operates like the stock market in real life; stocks go up and down based on in-world events, announcements and general happenings.

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This can include market reactions to Heists; the untimely death of CEO’s, and news from rival companies; there’s also some random fluctuations, but we’re not going to worry about those.

Instead, we’ll be concentrating on major market movers.

Now before we get into the actual stock tips, there’s a few things we need to cover first. Starting with the basic mechanics around buying and selling stock.

The stock market is unlocked not long after Michael sorts out Jay Norris, in Friend Request; where we meet Ricky.

To purchase stock, open your phone. That’s up on your D-pad for a controller; or the up-arrow on your keyboard.

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