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This year Grand Theft Auto III turns 20. So for this special occasion, we will talk about the popular game series controversies and debunk the claims from those who were outraged by the game series. GTA is no doubt one of the most popular series of video games that ever existed. This also includes a brief history of the franchise.

WARNING: GTA contains strong language, strong violence, sexual content and drug use. Viewers are strongly cautioned that this episode is not for children.


0:00 – Warning
0:15 – Intro
1:27 – Brief History of Grand Theft Auto
7:41 – Accusations of promoting violence and sex
14:32 – Accusations of racism
17:51 – Allegations of sexism
22:51- Lindsay Lohan & Karen Gravano
24:48 – Use of Torture
27:49 – Closing

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