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Assemble your team and stick with your ambition, rookie. Thorny lairs filled with dangerous quilboar, angry centaur tribes rampaging through everything in their path, and flying harpy nests lurking in the treetops will make the difference between the champions and the weak. These are the Barrens. Forged in the Wastes will have its worldwide release in the second quarter of the year with 135 new cards, the new Frenzy keyword, spell schools, ranked spells, and much more! • Learn more about Forged in the Wastes: • Read the patch notes 19.6: Download Hearthstone: For more information about Hearthstone, visit: SUBSCRIBE to follow Hearthstone: Hearthstone is the free, award-winning digital strategic card game from Blizzard Entertainment, easy to learn and hilarious. Start playing for free and cast spells, summon minions and play with the heroes of Warcraft in epic strategy duels. .

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