Chou Chou Yu: The new T1 hero! Hearthstone Battlegrou… Hearthstone Battlegrou…

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Chou Chou Yu is a five-star technological hero (strong in late stage, high rate of eating chicken) Disadvantages: There is no combat effectiveness in the early stage, and it is easy to be out early in 08… But after Xiao Ba Ga is online, it makes up for the murloc’s short window period. In the new version, it is likely to be a hero close to the T1 level! ►Koujun’s live channel | Every day from 12 am to 19:00 Koujun’s heroic battlefield series of videos: ■ The light tooth ghost turns to the card, so you can’t think of it ~ Ep.6 Hearthstone Battlegrounds #18 ■ 62/62 Huge pussy! Card with Ep.5 “Hearthstone Battleground: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #17 ■ Card with Kakaro: 26 synths! Ep.4 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #16 ■ Gold and bronze beards steal cards, and more and more gold coins are stolen! Card with Ep.3 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hearthstone Battlegrounds #15 ■ Bob said: I want to play Xiaohong! ! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #10 ■ Golden Ghost Mother-40 low damage Hearthstone Battlegrounds #8 ■ One Punch Man: Khadgar Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hearthstone Battlegrounds #7 ■ The six big dinosaurs of Katongliu! “Heartstone Battleground: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #5 ■ Card copper is not the same! The art of infinite card copper! “Heartstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #4 Heroes Battleground playlist: Other links: ►Koujun’s live channel | 12 to 19:00 every day ►Koujun’s Facebook | Important information announcement cooperation invitation: jteamesport@gmail. com contact someone.

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