Fight against the M witch! Two bloods, I still want…Flee to the hell!!! Hearthstone: Heroes Battlefield…

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3 blood is healthy, 2 blood is not panic… 1 blood can still take another bite!!! Don’t stop 👩🏻‍⚕️Don’t stop 🩸 ►Koujun’s live channel | Every day from 12 to 19:00 Koujun’s hero battlefield series of videos : ■ Mr. Bigowworth! Gathering the power of the people on earth…the cat vitality bomb!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #135 ■ “50 Seconds Animation Trap” Khadgar’s super long animation… the mouse loses the ability to fight!! ! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #132 ■ 4 Legendary Timbersaw 🤖! The script unfolds super godly… the backstab beast picks the tail knife!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #130 ■ Frozen space-time cannon! Zero blood time pause 🕓…ZA WARUDO!!!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #129 ■ 40/40 Shaped Cannon🚀! The undead female captain…the more rushing and expanding!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #122 ■ Dragon aggregate! There is always something going on…one blood! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #121 ■ Brian Bunny 🐰! The first horn of the proletariat…Tutu reform!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #120 ■ 6 aggregates 👾! Gold and bronze beard catches big fish… the more cards you get, the more cards you get!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #119 ■ “60 seconds card with the same” hint + explicit…I can’t help the impulse anymore! !! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #116 ■ Kidnap the rookie 🐤! Small investment and big return… Pirate Reincarnation!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #112 ■ 9 white beards! King of Pirates… Attack of Gold Coins!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #111 ■ Auto On! Burning King Ship🔥⛵🔥…the new way to play the pirate ship!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #107 ■ Fully automatic flame bombs💣! Disappear everything on the surface!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” #104 ■ The red monster appears 😈! The true king of demons…does not need any servants!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #100 ■ The temptation of the blonde girl! Frozen for 5 rounds…Golden armor in the city!!! 👑 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #96 ■ “Kakarotong” 122/122 kittens! #卡同的 Milestone 2020.6.6 Live broadcast of Hearthstone Battlegrounds #94 ■ Auto Beast BBQ! Skewer lantern fish…Fire grilling is delicious!!! 🔥🔥 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #78 ■ Auto on: Healing the fried egg flow! 3 Kill the lantern fish…the savior of the hero battlefield!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #71 ■ “Kin Carrulus” can really be synthesized! It took 191 days…Finally saw you!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #70 ■ Rafham still wants to eat chicken! I’ve been targeting you a long time ago! ! Card with Ep.19 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #64 ■ The strongest system in the battlefield of heroes: Healing Eggs! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #59 ■ “Gold Card Aggregate” I am the curator! The 512th chicken unlocks a new achievement!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #43 ■ Glakron: Selling babies at the beginning, unparalleled evolution! ! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #41 ■ Ghost’s turn! Opponents can’t guess it at all ~ “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #35 ■ Who is the bunny bunny so cute ~ 37 blood eats chickens 🐔🐔 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #34 Heroes Battlegrounds playlist : Other links: ►Koujun’s live channel | Every day from 12 am to 19:00 ►Koujun’s Facebook | Important matters announcement Cooperation invitation: and contact someone.

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