Five fire rainbows appear in the Calgary sky! Use the easiest way to end the game!!! Hearthstone... Hearthstone

Five fire rainbows appear in the Calgary sky! Use the easiest way to end the game!!! Hearthstone… – GamePlayVideo

Kou-kun doesn’t drink, but he will watch Eun Hee-jun’s channel 🤣🤣 @恩熙俊aka MC Jeng The Ghost of Wine Country Respect!!! ►Kou-kun’s Live Channel | Everyday noon~19:00 Kou-kun’s hero battlefield series of videos: ■ I drop the flow 💣 subvert the imagination of automatic! Burning aircraft carrier…modern Zhuge villager!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #390 ■ 8 “Lightfang Enforcers”🔑! Flashing…Flashing…I’m not responsible for hitting!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #386​ ■ 9 “Greedy Souls” Light God⚱️! Refresh the world view…the impossible magic of reality!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #385 ■ Saurfang Overlord🪓 The strongest orc in the tribe! A new hero…underrated by 99% of players!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #377 ■ Xiao Xiami 🐳 against the big whales! Knowing one’s heart… will kill the heart-piercing spear!!! #365th episode of the first anniversary🎉 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #365 ■ Healing nuclear bombs💣! It’s so explosive that the animation can’t stop…the screen is shaking!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #362 ■ 7×4 flame sweep 🔥Awakened dragon’s breath! The legendary captain… the blood of the dragon race!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #350 ■ World-class heads-up match 🏆 Psychology game! Immovable like a mountain…I predict your prediction!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #332 ■ The devil lives in the refrigerator 🧊! Please kill me four times, otherwise… will become your nightmare!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #320 ■ 10 aggregates 👾! Break the game restrictions again… God-like existence!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #307 ■ The name of the battlefield Buddha 💋 can’t be said! Illness Guardian appeared…Dark Magic Defense!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #305 ■ The legendary goldfish 🐠 double the dead sound effect! Be creative on the spot…my sister is watching the goldfish flow!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #295 ■ 0.1% winning rate 🌠 ignoring computer calculations! Relying on the game…can solve any enemy!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #277 ■ The game mode is turned on 🏆 Chou Chou Yu cheated! This is impossible to come back…only a miracle happens!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #276 ■ The flying Dutchman 🛫 captain is complete! From now on… it will always be my turn!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #266 ■ Shaolin Thirteen Bronze Beards🔔! If you offend the abbot and want to go…it’s not that easy!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #265 ■ The cat that gets angry is like a lion! This is my family’s…big fat orange!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #259 ■ The new version of the god 🦉 dead eggs! Lady… Come out with the Bull Demon to see God!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #235 ■ 8 “Little Ragnaros” 🔥! Searing respect… Let the flames cleanse everything!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #228 ■ Elemental arrogance and arrogance 🙃 sarcasm! Ghost’s turn…Teach him to be a man!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #224 ■ 8 sticky rice “Kitchen Nightmare”! Hot pot…Hell’s cook god!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #214 ■ US server meets Kripp by chance! Card with the start of the class… One punch to kill the angry gate!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #213 ■ The legendary flame bird 🐦 the most horrendous beast at the moment! 160+ super giant… the elements are like kids!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #203 ■ Immortal💀! I’ll show it to you! Take it…this is my last ripple!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #194 ■ “White Beard No Era” 547 monster physique… the strongest man in the world!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” :Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #158 ■ 8 aggregates 👾! Breaking the limits of the game… the mystery at the top of the food chain!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #155 ■ “50 Seconds Animation Trap” Khadgar’s super long animation… the mouse loses the ability to fight!!! ” Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #132 ■ 4 legendary logging machines 🤖! The script unfolds supernaturally… the backstab beast picks the tail knife!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #130 ■ Brian Bunny 🐰! The first horn of the proletariat…Tutu reform!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #120 ■ “60 seconds card with” hint + express…I can’t help but impulse!! ! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #116 ■ Kidnap the rookie 🐤! Small investment and big return… Pirate Reincarnation!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #112 ■ 9 white beards! King of Pirates… Attack of Gold Coins!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #111 ■ Auto On! Burning King Ship🔥⛵🔥…the new way to play the pirate ship!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #107 ■ Fully automatic flame bombs💣! Everything on the surface…all disappears!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #104 ■ The red monster appears 😈! The true king of demons…does not need any servants!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #100 ■ “Kakarotong” 122/122 kittens! The milestone of Katong 2020.6.6. Live broadcast of Hearthstone Battlegrounds #94 ■ Auto Beast BBQ! Skewer lantern fish…Fire grilling is delicious!!! 🔥🔥 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #78 ■ Auto on: Healing the fried egg flow! 3 Kill the lantern fish… the savior of the hero battlefield!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #71 ■ “Kin Carrulus” can really be synthesized! It took 191 days…Finally saw you!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #70 ■ Rafham still wants to eat chicken! I’ve been targeting you a long time ago! ! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #64 ■ The strongest system in the heroic battlefield: Healing Eggs! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #59 ■ “Gold Card Aggregate” I am the curator! The 512th chicken unlocks a new achievement!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #43 ■ Glakron: Selling babies at the beginning, unparalleled evolution! ! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #41 ■ Ghost’s turn! Opponents can’t guess at all ~ “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #35 ■ Who is so cute as a bunny ~ 37 blood eats chicken 🐔🐔 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #34 Heroes Battlegrounds playlist : Other links: ►Koujun’s live channel | Every day at noon ~ 19:00 ►Koujun’s Facebook | Important matters announcement Cooperation invitation: and contact someone.

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