The god of pig farm keeper world! You can't eat too fat...You will be killed!!! "Heartstone: The British... Hearthstone

The god of pig farm keeper world! You can’t eat too fat…You will be killed!!! “Heartstone: The British… – GamePlayVideo

“The more unbalanced version” “The stronger the Thai silk!” This is what Mr. Kou will say to the audience every time after the big revision. 😆😆 In fact, the ecology of the hero battlefield has always been to release new content>break Existing balance>rebalance>after balance>new content>break the balance>rebalance, keep the whole environment active! ! So in the first week of the wild boar people, it’s good for everyone to experience the pig people happily 🤣🤣🤣 Super easy zero eight, and super easy to eat chicken. They are all features of this version. I think this is also a time for novices to enter the pit. Pig God Dusk Below, novices and veterans, everyone is equal, come together to race the pigs~ The pigs will be nerf soon, so don’t take advantage of the fragrant and hurry up to taste a few more! 😋🍖 ►Koujun’s live channel | Every day at noon~19:00 Koujun’s heroic battlefield series of videos: ■ I drop my mother 💣subvert the full-automatic imagination! Burning aircraft carrier…modern Zhuge villager!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #390 ■ 8 “Lightfang Enforcers”🔑! Flashing…Flashing…I’m not responsible for hitting!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #386​ ■ 9 “Greedy Souls” Light God⚱️! Refresh the world view…the impossible magic of reality!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #385 ■ Saurfang Overlord🪓 The strongest orc in the tribe! A new hero…underrated by 99% of players!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #377 ■ Xiao Xiami 🐳 against the big whales! Knowing one’s heart… will kill the heart-piercing spear!!! #365th episode of the first anniversary🎉 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #365 ■ Healing nuclear bombs💣! It’s so explosive that the animation can’t stop…the screen is shaking!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #362 ■ 7×4 flame sweep 🔥Awakened dragon’s breath! The legendary captain… the blood of the dragon race!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #350 ■ World-class heads-up match 🏆 Psychology game! Immovable like a mountain…I predict your prediction!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #332 ■ The devil lives in the refrigerator 🧊! Please kill me four times, otherwise… will become your nightmare!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #320 ■ 10 aggregates 👾! Break the game restrictions again… God-like existence!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #307 ■ The name of the battlefield Buddha 💋 can’t be said! Illness Guardian appeared…Dark Magic Defense!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #305 ■ The legendary goldfish 🐠 double the dead sound effect! Be creative on the spot…my sister is watching the goldfish flow!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #295 ■ 0.1% winning rate 🌠 ignoring computer calculations! Relying on the game…can solve any enemy!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #277 ■ The game mode is turned on 🏆 Chou Chou Yu cheated! This is impossible to come back…only a miracle happens!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #276 ■ The flying Dutchman 🛫 captain is complete! From now on… it will always be my turn!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #266 ■ Shaolin Thirteen Bronze Beards🔔! If you offend the abbot and want to go…it’s not that easy!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #265 ■ The cat that gets angry is like a lion! This is my family’s…big fat orange!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #259 ■ The new version of the god 🦉 dead eggs! Lady… Come out with the Bull Demon to see God!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #235 ■ 8 “Little Ragnaros” 🔥! Searing respect… Let the flames cleanse everything!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #228 ■ Elemental arrogance and arrogance 🙃 sarcasm! Ghost’s turn…Teach him to be a man!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #224 ■ 8 sticky rice “Kitchen Nightmare”! Hot pot…Hell’s cook god!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #214 ■ US server meets Kripp by chance! Card with the start of the class… One punch to kill the angry gate!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #213 ■ The legendary flame bird 🐦 the most horrendous beast at the moment! 160+ super giant… the elements are like kids!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #203 ■ Immortal💀! I’ll show it to you! Take it…this is my last ripple!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #194 ■ “White Beard No Era” 547 monster physique… the strongest man in the world!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” :Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #158 ■ 8 aggregates 👾! Breaking the limits of the game… the mystery at the top of the food chain!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #155 ■ “50 Seconds Animation Trap” Khadgar’s super long animation… the mouse loses the ability to fight!!! ” Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #132 ■ 4 legendary logging machines 🤖! The script unfolds supernaturally… the backstab beast picks the tail knife!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #130 ■ Brian Bunny 🐰! The first horn of the proletariat…Tutu reform!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #120 ■ “60 seconds card with” hint + express…I can’t help but impulse!! ! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes’ Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #116 ■ Kidnap the rookie 🐤! Small investment and big return… Pirate Reincarnation!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #112 ■ 9 white beards! King of Pirates… Attack of Gold Coins!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #111 ■ Auto On! Burning King Ship🔥⛵🔥…the new way to play the pirate ship!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #107 ■ Fully automatic flame bombs💣! Everything on the surface…all disappears!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #104 ■ The red monster appears 😈! The true king of demons…does not need any servants!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #100 ■ “Kakarotong” 122/122 kittens! The milestone of Katong 2020.6.6. Live broadcast of Hearthstone Battlegrounds #94 ■ Auto Beast BBQ! Skewer lantern fish…Fire grilling is delicious!!! 🔥🔥 “Hearthstone Battlegrounds” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #78 ■ Auto on: Healing the fried egg flow! 3 Kill the lantern fish… the savior of the hero battlefield!!! Hearthstone Battlegrounds #71 ■ “Kin Carrulus” can really be synthesized! It took 191 days…Finally saw you!!! “Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Heroes Battleground” Hearthstone Battlegrounds #70 Hero Battlegrounds playlist: Other links: ►口君のLive Channel | Everyday at noon~19:00 ►口君のFacebook | Important matters announcement cooperation invitation: contact someone.

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