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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories: Underrated …

Hey, I’ve heard that a Kingdom Hearts game about memories is in the news lately! It’s this one, yeah? This is what you guys wanted, right? A mini retrospective on Chain of Memories?
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0:00 – Intro
2:00 – Of Cards and Combat
6:31 – PS2 vs. GBA: 6th Generation Showdown
8:08 – The End Justifies the Means
9:53 – Quite Intriguing: The Actual Start of the Video
14:47 – It’s a Small World After All
17:39 – The Disney Stuff: The Most Filler-y Filler, or More?
20:09 – The Cool Kids’ Lunch Table
23:52 – Axel: The Most Popular Kid in School
25:19 – Knock ‘Em Dead, Chain of Memories
26:11 – Outro .

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