Kingdom Hearts Iceberg Explained (Part 2/2) Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Iceberg Explained (Part 2/2)

Hi, this is the 2nd part of Kingdom Hearts Iceberg, in this video, I dive into the Last 3 Layers of the Iceberg, be prepared because you can’t go back!

2020 was intense for me, sadly it is ruined by bad things, but it’s not so bad (in my opinion)
I hope 2021 will be my best year!
I’m prepared to do my Best!

1) in this video, I abbreviate “Kingdom Hearts” to “KH”! (To make the Video shorter)
2) This is my First Iceberg Video, sorry if I’m embarrassing.
3) In some Entries, I can’t find valid informations (example: “Smashed Rock” and “Elemental Connections”), tell me in the comments If you know something.
4) This Video is 30 FPS because “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix” Run only on 30 FPS. (except the PS4 Version)
5) This Iceberg Image was found on Reddit, but I add more Informations to explain more Facts. 6) Some of the Entries and Theories are made by Me. (Example: “Yen Sid is Evil”)
7) This Video is split in 2 Parts due to Editing Issues and Time Constraints.
8) None of the Entries are made to tell jokes, most of the Entries are True and There are Serious Topics.
9) This Video contains Sensitive Topics, viewer discretion advised.
10) This is the last Video of 2020, I made this Video to Celebrate 2021!

This Video is made in over 2 months, including Researches, Script, Voice Recording, Gameplay Footages, and Editing.

Gameplay Footages from: “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix” (PS2 Version)

WARNING: This Video contains Spoiler for the Kingdom Hearts Franchise (except for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory)

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00:00 : Intro and Disclaimers
00:13 : Layer 5 – Dark Water
04:37 : Layer 6 – The Depths
08:03 : Layer 7 – The Abyss
14:41 : Conclusion

Music: (in Order)
1) Quiet Water (GR) – Undertale
2) Lost In The Forest – By Doug Maxwell_Media Right Productions
3) History – Sonic Mega Collection Plus
4) Waterfall (GR) – Undertale
5) But nobody came – Undertale
6) False Morel – Trevor Garrod
7) Small Shock (GR) – Undertale
8) In my Way – Undertale
9) Lazy Afternoons – Kingdom Hearts 2

The rights for Kingdom Hearts belong to Square Enix.
The rights for Undertale belong to Toby Fox
The rights for Sonic belong to Sega

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