how to download lol on pc League of Legends

Where do you download league of legends?

If you are interested in download league of legends (LOL) you need check this post..

We already have the game installed in a simple way ready to start playing and enter our first game hello how about today.

How to download LoL on PC?

Visit the official League of Legends download website. Once on the site, check the dropdown on the top right to make sure you have selected your region.

First enter in:

I will show you how to download and install league of legends step by step we are going to go to the link of the top.

It will take you to the official page of the game once inside we will go to the upper right part of the screen in the region part we choose our region leave the regions with their respective countries in the description an example is if you are from Chile your server is Latin America South If you are from Mexico, your server is Latin America, North America.

Now we proceed to enter an email and we start, we place our date of birth, we click on Next and finally we put a username and a password, we mark the box that accepted the terms of use and in case we want to receive notifications from riot we mark the following box.


These notifications can be emails or promotions we enter and ready we make this captcha and finally we proceed with the download we will download for windows there is also the option for mac this will depend on your operating system.

The download of the installer will begin once completed we go to the location where it has been downloaded.

In this case it will be downloads we double click to open it if we get a small pop-up window we give it to run and in this window we select if once this is done we proceed with this window we click on install.

A small loading bar will start this could take several minutes we just have to wait a once the client is open in the lower right part of the screen this network progresses to download the game .

It is very important to remember that it can take several minutes or hours depending on your internet once the download is finished you will place your server either the pnc or your name username and password that you had previously created, mark.

lol league

l To the box of accepted the terms of use, click on play and within the client you can put your summoner name this name will be the one that will appear in the game the first name you put was the username of the account and this new name is the summoner it is important to mention that it must be an available name once you do not have click on start.

Where do i download league of legends? Reading more..

Already done this you will continue with this recommendation choose one no matter which one you choose one is the summoner’s rift the traditional one of the game and the other option is tim fight tactics a new mode of game implemented by league of legends recently once chosen this new window will open directly we enter the game and we will be able to see the first game that we have in a new account which is tutorials finished the tutorial or have left the game after account that.

In this new play league season, your new players will have missions with rewards as well as gifts such as there´s what you see here so that little by little you find your style of play and a little more.

Just enjoy the game and follow the instructions that are indicated on the screen in this way you will begin to level up champions and styles of play we already have the game installed in a simple way ready to start playing and enter our first game.

What kind of game is league of legends?

League of Legends (also known by its acronym LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and e-sports video game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X and for digital consoles.

How to play league of legends?

Try to play harder with game hours and hours to learn.

YouTube video

If its hard, check this tutorial:

YouTube video
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