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If you are tired of guides lasting 15 minutes then here is the fastest guide from Cyborg Outplayed for game LOL: Wild Rift! Here you will find all you need: tips and tricks, builds, where to go, what to do, skills tutorial and even more! AND ALL THIS IS JUST IN SEVERAL MINUTES + KILLS MONTAGE + BEST MUSIC!

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Here is the fastest guide for Kennen you have never seen! Best tutorial and build for you! Without many words! Better note it!

Fastest guides Wild Rift
Gameplay from TOP players of Wild Rift

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Montage: 0:00
Guide start: 1:25
Skills: 1:35
Skills order: 2:51
Where to go? 2:57
Counters: 3:00
Items and runes: 3:17
Tips for playing: 3:30
Important information 4:04
Montage (one match): 4:12

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