Dying Light New Update - Play As Bill From Le... Left 4 Dead

Dying Light New Update – Play As Bill From Le…

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Don’t miss the chance to explore the new free DLC, show Virals who’s boss during the special Viral Rush event, and check out the new type of ammo, which will help you survive the bloodbath.

Meet Bill and Gnome Chompski. You already know them? That’s great because now they’re coming to Dying Light as a new playable model and a two-handed weapon. Download the new DLC to enjoy these iconic Left 4 Dead characters in Harran, and have the best of both worlds.

That’s not all! We’re bringing the amazing Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay experience to Dying Light in the Viral Rush event. Face hordes of enraged zombies in this extremely challenging game mode, and try to survive. To make it a bit easier, and a lot more fun, you’ll be able to use a new type of shotgun ammo that gives the infected a taste of fire and brimstone. And remember – whenever you get tired of fighting off endless zombie hordes, you can turn the Viral Rush event off in the options menu.

Personal Goal
Objective: Kill 50x Virals
Reward: Gold Gnome Gear

Complete Quarantine Zones
These Bounties will automatically be taken on when the event starts.
Complete Stuffed Turtle Quarantine Zone (The Slums) and collect all Drops in the zone.
Reward: Gold Golf Club
Complete Bright Mountain Tunnel Quarantine Zone (The Slums) and collect all Drops in the zone.
Reward: Gold Frying Pan
Complete Striped Dragon Hotel Quarantine Zone (Old Town) and collect all Drops in the zone.
Reward: Gold Electric Guitar

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Global Event Goal
The community needs to kill 10 million Virals Globally
Docket for Gold Golf Club Blueprint
Docket for Gold Frying Pan Blueprint
Docket for Gold Electric Guitar Blueprint
Docket for Gold Gnome Blueprint

The Left 4 Dead 2 crossover event and the DLC will be available on PC from October 27, 19:00 CET.

On consoles, only the DLC will be available, and it will arrive a few weeks later.


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