Left 4 Dead 2 - Xbox Game bar test recording Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2 – Xbox Game bar test recording

This is my All-star team of Camilla, Ryuji Sakamoto, and Luigi.
Lead to victory by none other than the great, Coach.

My computer has got this thing called Xbox Game bar that always pops up when I’m trying to play a game.
So this time I decided to give it a shot and see what it’s capable of.
It seems to record in decent quality and didn’t demand too much from my very limited hardware, which is a very nice touch.
Unfortunate that this same limited hardware cannot run a decent video editing software or else I’d have spruced this up a bit more.
I kinda miss the days when I used to record and edit gameplay.

But, I digress.

Xbox game bar is pretty great, and I love left 4 dead 2.
So, I might take some more gameplay footage of said game and just upload them here for my own records.
I’m still very scrubby, because I haven’t played since 2012 on the Xbox 360.
but it’s still so much fun.

Turtle rock studios. I’m looking at you, I have hope that Back 4 Blood will be just as good as it’s two predecessors.

Much Love,
Sleepy Sheepy

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