LEFT 4 DEAD - Full Game Expert Walkthrough Lo... Left 4 Dead

LEFT 4 DEAD – Full Game Expert Walkthrough Lo…

LEFT 4 DEAD – Full Game Expert Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay

00:00 Mic Sound
12:03 hEALING
16:00 LADDER
16:32 bOOMER
17:16 Safe House

Left 4 dead is a co-op zombie game on lan and online.And I purchased original Version from Steam Server.So keep enjoying all the upcoming gaming videos and this video.Keep smiling and keep healthy.Please like,share and subscribe.Also Includes mic.

Please read the decription before watching- Quality will improve later on
This is going to be my first (and ever) walkthrough of the 2008 Game of the Year Edition, and undoubtedbly one of my all-time favorite zombie/infected FPS games: Left 4 Dead 1
Many parts of the campaign were ‘simply’ nostalgic and untimely humorous in some bits,including the epic FAIL Hunter faceplant. More to come later on.
Left 4 Dead @ Valve Incorporation. All rights reserved
Recorder: MSI Afterburner( Imo the best free on-screen game recorder w/ “no watermark or time limit”,)
Played at Normal Difficulty to showcase both the map itself and to test the performance/quality of the cam-recorder
*sigh* If only Turtle Rock Studios were the company to actually finalize the beta..but in any case~
Thank you Valve for making such an incredible game 😉

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