Maplestory Reboot 2022: Complete Training gui... MapleStory

Maplestory Reboot 2022: Complete Training gui…

Ever wondered what’s the best place to go for a specific level range? I’ve got you covered! With explanations on why I go to each place, without the extra fluff. The Maple Guide doesn’t have anything on this video! Enjoy!

1:02 1-30: Intro Quests/Period/Surgeon Eyes
2:01 30-60: Theme Dungeons: Gold Beach, Riena Strait, Elodin, Ellinel
3:46 60-70: Copper Drakes/Mushking Summons
4:50 70-80: Stair way to the Sky 1/Afterlands Quest (bring a guide if you’re new to that quest line)
5:23 80-90: Afterlands/Verne Mine/Ice Valley 2/Ariant
90-95/100: Sahel 2/Lab area c3
6:53 95-100/105: Ellin Forest – Mossy Tree Forest Trail
7:29 100-105: Normal Zakum
7:48 105-115: Entrance to Sky nest (Harps)
8:15 112-123: Toy Factory Zone 3/Warped Path of Time 3
9:29 123-128: Black Mountain entrance (Moon Bunnies)
9:55 128-137ish: Around the Pond (1 room left of Bunnies)
10:26 137-145: Kerning Tower Lower Rooms/Bellflower valley/Cave of trials 3 (Bains)/Advanced practice field
11:14 140-145: Commerci Questline
11:58 150-160: Stone Colossus Quests and Areas
12:49 160-170: Henesys Ruins/Omega Sector/Top Sections of Kerning Tower
14:03 170-180: Kritias
14:39 180-190: Twilight Perion/Fox Valley/Knights Chambers (last resort)
15:44 190-200: Swollen Stumps/Ancient Golems/Sinister Rocky and Steel masks
*199-200: Haven Quest, Gives a full level*
17:51 200-205: Vanishing Journey Quests +EXP Nodestones/Any of the Twilight Perion or Henesys Ruins rooms from 190-200. Ancient Golems was my Fav.
18:58 205-215: Armas/ Hideout/Hidden Cave/Any Tranquil Erda Room/Subway Tunnel 4 (Reverse City)
21:03 215-220: Hidden Fungos Forest/Bitty Bobble Forest 1
21:59 220-225: Outlaw Street 1/2/3 (Lachlein)/Hidden Fungos Forest
22:48 225-230: Lower Path 1/Between Frost and Thunder 1/Volatile Toxic Forest 1+2/Hidden Fungos Forest
23:57 230-235: Red and Blue Shadows/Any previous rooms within 20 levels
24:27 235-240: Mirror Touched sea 2+4+5+7
25:22 240-245: Plunging Depths 1/Star Swallowing Sea 1+4

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