MapleStory - Returning Player Beginner Meso G... MapleStory

MapleStory – Returning Player Beginner Meso G…

Whenever I say it’s gonna be a “short” video in the beginning, just know that I’m probably lying.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read…or Watch)
– Create mule gear by clearing daily bosses. The more characters you have, the better. Aquatic Letter Eye Accessories, Condensed Power Crystals are great mule gear (Eye and Face Accessories) and if they come with good flames (randomly generated numbers) then you can create mule gear with them. Use your spare spell traces on them, then use your occult cubes (don’t worry, low-level items are cheaper to mess with) and roll 3% stat matching the flame. If you’re lucky, it’ll tier up to Epic and you can sell it for even more profit. Hooray. 🙂

– During the 2022 MapleStory Destiny Update, Crystal Ventus Badge (dropped from Magnus), Ifia’s Ring (dropped by Von Leon), Silver Blossom Ring (dropped from Chaos Horntail) will rise in value temporarily. It will jump back down when it is no longer needed in the community (the explorer to Lv. 220 event). The event rewards will be closed off at the end of August 2022.

– Create bossing mules. I recommend Shadower, Night Lord, and Dual Blade (because I’m a thief apologist, duh). Fund yourself enough to the point where you can solo bosses like Chaos Zakum, Hard Hilla, Hard Von Leon, Hard Ranmaru, etc. and those crystals will be a good source of weekly income for you.

– If you just started the game and need a decent chunk of meso to fund yourself LEGITIMATELY, use the meso market (Quick Move tab) and convert your NX prepaid to Maple Points and then exchange it for however much meso you need. Nothing wrong with using a little bit of disposable income to fund your MMO goals. 🙂

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