Building AUTOMATIC FARMS In A One Chunk Minec... Minecraft

Building AUTOMATIC FARMS In A One Chunk Minec…

Today, I build a bunch of super useful and game changing farms on my One Chunk Minecraft World! These are farms you can build yourself in your world too! This is Minecraft Survival In A One Chunk World! A chunk is 16×16 blocks, the nether and overworld are confined to this small world border. How far will I be able to get in this world? Watch to find out!

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This is a Minecraft Survival Challenge Series. Even though this video was inspired by 100 by 100 Minecraft, it isn’t, and it isn’t I Played Minecraft Hardcore for 100 Days and Here’s What Happened, also not 1 by 1 Minecraft or Minecraft, But Achievements Expand The Border. This is the One Chunk Minecraft World, a Minecraft challenge with a border. This isn’t a speedrun or a video on a Minecraft SMP. Minecraft farm tutorial. if you’re reading this you’re cool
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